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Children in Grades 1st through 8th are required to wear uniforms in school. Children not in uniform will not be allowed into class. Parents will be asked to bring in their uniforms or take their children home.

“Hand-me-down” uniforms may be available in the Cheder office. You are welcome to look through the inventory.

Students who wish to wear a shirt under their uniform shirts (for warmth) may wear a shirt that is solid white - no pictures or words.

Sweaters must be Lubavitch Cheder sweatshirts (hooded or pullover). School sweatshirts are for sale in the office or can be purchased on Landsend.com. The school preferred number is 900156415. Other sweatshirts are not allowed even if worn just outdoors for recess and dismissal.

Shoes must be worn at all times. Students may not walk around the classroom or in the hallways in socks.




Pants: Long dark navy or black trousers. Short pants are not allowed. No corduroy, cargo (many pockets), wind pants, jogging or sweat pants. Tight pants are not allowed.

Shirts: Light Blue oxford shirt (white shirts for Chabad holidays). Shirts must be tucked in.

Footwear: Shoes must have a back (e.g. no slippers, crocs etc.). No ankle socks.

No baseball caps.



 One of the main points of tznius is not to draw attention to one’s self or body. This means one must cover the appropriate parts of the body and not wear tight fitting or “loud” (extra bright) clothing. Tznius reflects not only the exterior, but reveals the inner refinement of a bas yisrael. Close adherence to the highest standards of tznius enhances modesty and directly correlates to yiras shamayim. The Rebbe stresses that this brings many brachos to the talmida and her family.


Jumper or Skirt: Girls in grades 1 - 5 must wear a uniform jumper not a skirt. Girls in grades 6 - 8 may wear a skirt. Only the designated skirt or jumper ordered from Fraylich are permitted. The skirt or jumper must fall mid-calf, fully covering the knee when sitting or running. Skirts or jumpers may not be below the ankle.

Shirt/Blouses: Girls through 5th grade may wear light blue or white long sleeve blouse with a collar (oxford or peter pan) or a uniform polo shirts. Girls in 6th grade and up must wear oxford shirts only. All girls’ shirts must be buttoned to the top button, unless there is a “tznius button” close to the top. 

Grooming: Hair should be neatly combed. Longer hair must be pulled back neatly in a ponytail. Jewelry that is discreet – “aidel” may be worn. Stud or hoop earrings 1 inch or less only. This would eliminate dangling earrings, “dog collars”, and excessive or bizarre jewelry (foot jewelry). No nail polish.

Hosiery: Navy, gray or white tights or knee-highs socks. Leggings are not allowed.

Footwear: Shoes must have a back (e.g. no slippers, sandals, crocs etc.). High heels (higher than 1 inch) are not permitted. Boots that are trendy, loud or unusually styled cannot be worn at the Cheder. If wearing boots to school, you must change into shoes during the school day.



Here are some vendors where you can order uniforms from:



Tel: (718) 871-8253


Click here for order form



Tel: (718) 604-8798



Lands End


Cheder Preffered Number: 900156415



Tel: (651) 776-2723